Demandes d’adhésion


New Members

As Hillside is a Private Club, applications must be filled in by a sponser.

Click here for the 2018 membership application

To propose a new candidate for membership, please consult the following process:

  1. Proposal & Application. Two members of at least two years (one Proposer and one Seconder) are required to nominate a candidate. The Proposer prints an application and assists the candidate in its completion. The Proposer and Seconder must be well acquainted with the candidate and cannot be married. The candidate must also be known by three other members of the club. All members listed in the application must be in good standing.
  2. Review of Application. During the review of the application, the Proposer will be contacted by the Membership Committee to further explore his/her knowledge of the candidate’s background and character.
  3. Meeting Directors. Following the review of the application, a meeting is arranged with two Directors (this step is not necessary if the candidate is already known by two directors).
  4. Notice to Membership. Upon completion of step 3, during a 7-day posting period, members are asked to provide any information, objections or recommendations that could impact the acceptance of the candidate.
  5. Offer of Membership. At the end of the posting period, and upon approval of the Board of Directors, the candidate will be invited to become a Hillside member. The candidate will be contacted to complete any remaining paperwork and to remit any required fees. With the completion of this final step, the candidate is now a member of Hillside and entitled to all the benefits of membership.

To request an application, or for further information on this process, please contact

Please consult the Fees and Dues Schedule for rates for membership rates.

Other Member Inquiries

If you know someone who wishes to be reinstated as a member of Hillside, please contact

To change your category of membership, a request in writing must be received, before March 15 of the current season. The board must approve all changes in category of membership.