General Rules

1.While the Club appreciates the need for handheld or mobile devices, it is prohibited to make or receive cell phone calls on the premises except in the designated area located at the entrance gates. Cell phones must be kept on mute. The use of mobile devices is not allowed at any time on the courts. Texting, emailing and browsing the internet will only be allowed off-court provided the sound is off. Laptops may not be used in the dining areas during lunch service (11:30 – 15:00) or dinner service (18:00 or later). Exceptions are made for presentation purposes at Club events, Club Board meetings, and other private meetings, arranged in advance, that are held at the Club.

2. For your safety, many Hillside staff have been trained in CPR and on how to use the defibrillator which is located at the bar in the clubhouse. Should an emergency occur, please go immediately to the bar and advise the employee or manager of the emergency. A list of hospitals, medical clinics and doctors in the area is available for consultation.

3. When presented with a chit, members should mark their account number and sign the chit. Accounts are rendered monthly throughout the season through Visa or MasterCard. Members are responsible for informing the Club’s office immediately of any changes in their credit card account number. Be advised that a charge of $25 will be levied for changes made to expired or changed credit card account numbers, where the Club has not been advised prior.

4. Tipping is not permitted to any member of the staff.

5. Members wishing to transfer their membership from one category to another, or resign, must submit their request, in writing, to the Club Secretary, on or before March 15th. After this date, Club members will be charged the dues of the current year based on the class of membership to which they belong; no refunds will be given.

6. Age-based categories are calculated using members’ ages on May 1st, and the club secretary will automatically transition members between these categories on this date.

7. Members are requested to notify the Club at 4818 Cotes-Neiges, Montreal, Quebec, H3V 1G2 or of any change in their address. These addresses may be used throughout the year.

8. Pets are not permitted on the Club premises.

9. Club Members are encouraged to bring guests to the Club for entertaining, playing or swimming. It is the responsibility of host members to register their guests in the logbook located at the bar immediately upon arrival regardless of whether the guest is there to play tennis, swim or dine. In addition to signing playing guests in at the bar, the guests must also be signed in on the court sheet located in or near to the pro shop. The name of the guest along with the letter ‘G’ must be clearly written on the court sheet. Simply writing “guest” is not enough.

It is also the responsibility of the host member to ensure their guests follow the rules of dress and etiquette.

The fees for guests are as follows:

  • Tennis: $20
  • Pool: $10
  • Dining: $0
  • Bridge: $6

Members will be charged for their guests’ use of the pool and/or courts, even if the guest(s) dine or drink at the Club.

The same guest may only play tennis and/or use the pool a total of three (3) times in a season regardless of who invites him/her. Only a playing member can invite a guest to play tennis and must accompany the guest on the court. A guest may only be invited to dine at the Club with a member a total of three (3) times per season, regardless of who invites him/her.